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Ronan Knight - WIP

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Ronan Knight - WIP Empty Ronan Knight - WIP

Post by Ronan on Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:44 pm

Name: Ronan Katai Knight

Nickname: Ro, Ron, Idiot, and whatever else you wish to call him


Species: Furcadia

Desired Rank: Mender

Occupation: Going to try for a real job and be a bouncer at the Lunar Star

Ronan Knight - WIP 3b678d1cf149d0cc8930d8f65429b901

Animal: Wolf

Appearance: What sticks out most about Ronan's appearance are probably his eyes. They're a stunning emerald green, inherited from his mother. His fur consists of red, white, and an odd dark brown. The brown only covers his fingers, ears, middle of his tail, and the tuft of hair that he has. He's hardly ever seen without a pair of gloves on, as he isn't very fond of leaving fingerprints. He also hides about five knives on him for no apparent reason except that he like pointy things. He stands at about 5' 4", and is built quite a bit smaller than his brother.

Personality: Ronan is a kleptomaniac, he'll take about anything that he can get his hands on, sometimes for no reason at all. He could randomly slip his best friend's wallet out of his/her pocket without a second thought. He denies having a problem and will often just blame it on the other person for not protecting their belongings better. You either like him, or you want to rip him to shreds. There really is no in between with the furcadian. The only problem with not liking him, is that he makes it his duty to follow you around. He's rather sarcastic and his record for annoying someone until they punched him stands at ten seconds. He can often be found throwing vague insults at the largest man in a bar just to see what happens. He has an amazing pain tolerance and can take a number of hits while laughing at you, and insults don't do anything but make him more determined.

How did you find us?: I'm Delilah

It all started with Love…
Two people fell in love over a one night stand, having met in a bar just meer hours ago. The two had shared drinks, laughs, and sad memories together. As if they had known one another for years, being separated and then by a some strange chase found each other once again. Now as a strange male laid on top of a girl they began to fall for each other. Love at first sight? Maybe. A few hours later they laid in bed and cuddled.

~Few short months later~

Church bells rang as people stood outside waiting for the newly married couple to come running out of the church and into their car for their honeymoon. Derek and Kate and just gotten hitched, they two couldn’t be more in love than they were right then and there. They were headed to a cabin they had rented out for two weeks in the mountains. Having already packed and headed that way as Kate waved goodbye to everyone and Derek drove the car. Finally out of sight of the crowd Kate sat back down,”I am so glad we get to get away from everyone for two weeks, hiding away in the mountains.",she smiled and kissed her beloved. He smiled and nodded in agreement with her,”I am glad too babe.”

~a year after the honeymoon~

“Derek!! Come quickly!",his wife yelled. Derek took the steps of their house by twos, afraid something was wrong with his wife. He burst into their room,”what is it Kate? What’s wrong?” At first she stood with her back to him, then turned and he looked to her hands. In his wife’s hands was a pregnancy test. Kate looked to her husband and the biggest smile crossed her face and she ran and hugged him tightly,”I’m pregnant!” Derek was filled with relief and worry at the same time, but mostly joy that he was going to be a parent. So he held his wife tightly and kissed her.
(Credits to Nessa)

Ronan was a year younger than his brother, and obviously of a different size. Though as most siblings would have taken the opportunity to pick on their smaller sibling, Kyrian did the opposite. They were nest friends through the years. Ronan developed an interest in shiny things very early in life, and quite the attitude as well. He'd swipe things from the other kids and give them to the lady running the daycare, but she'd just take the things and make him sit in the corner. His mother did the same thing, and his brother didn't really seem interested, but normally would take the things back to the kids. So Ronan would just keep the things in his pockets. Sometimes the kids that he decided to annoy were so much bigger than him that bravery almost crossed into stupidity, but if it turned into something he couldn't handle he could always run back to his brother, they normally didn't follow him when he ran to Kyrian.

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