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Example Job Application

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Example Job Application Empty Example Job Application

Post by Tae on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:22 pm

Name: Billy Smith

Job Wanted: Owner of Las Vegas

Why You Want This Job: "Well, I, Billy Smith, believe that power is the most important thing in the world. So why not own Las Vegas, one of the most well known cities in the United States? Even the world I may venture. I think that gambling is incredibly fun as well, as I came from a history of parents who did a lot of it themselves and passed that gene onto me! Also, alcohol is the most incredible thing ever found out by man... Anyway, I love to have fun, but the real joy lies within the power of it all! It's like being mayor, except far better, and with a lot more freedom and ruling rights! What can I say? I live for money, getting drunk, and blowing all that money on a single night of fun at the MGM Grand..."

What Makes You The Best For The Job: "I'm a power hungry, slightly insane, crazy-about-money kind of guy. Nobody could own a gambling empire like Las Vegas the way I would, because of my attitude and thirst for more, more, and more! Alcohol, gambling, money, sexy ladies... aw man the list is endless! Las Vegas has it all! And being the owner of it? Who could imagine the power and respect it would give me? It's my dream, and I will never stop trying to become the owner of this magical place.

Roleplay Sample: Billy was walking down the streets of his amazing city, people walking around with family and heading into casinos for a little bit of fun, limos drove by, lights blinked and shined brightly around him. It was a joyous feeling that spread from his heart down to his toes, as he looked on proudly at the empire that he stood on. He walked into his favorite casino, the Luxor, and admired all the Egyptian themes that were spread along the walls and put into the tile on the floor. The happiness spread, impossible as it sounds, even further inside him. A smile broke out on Billy's face, and he felt like laughing. He used to come to Las Vegas as a young boy, and a dream blossomed within him. "I will soon be the King of this marvelous city! I will!" he told himself for years. And now he was here. The Lord of all most of the gambling in the United States, and he was standing on it all. Started from the bottom, now we're here, he sang to himself in his head.

*This is completely and totally fake. It's not an actual option to be Owner of Las Vegas on this site (or in real life for that matter)

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