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Much Needed Vacation (open)

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Much Needed Vacation (open) Empty Much Needed Vacation (open)

Post by Kyrian on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:19 am

Kyrian had just woken up, a long night of drinking had put in him in a depressed state of mind. He had been on a drinking a lot again. Now he woke up with a headache bounding at the sides of his head. To the point it hurt his eyes to see light. His body dragging as he tried to tell it to move and get up. Finally getting up, he stood there for a moment and took a deep breath before heading to the kitchen. His nose was running, his face puffy from crying, his eyes red from the sting of the tears. He was thinking of his mother. The one he looked up to from the day his father and brother left, still she died of an overdose of tramadol. He touched the necklace she had gave him the day before she died. His mother leaving everything to him. So he had money, a house, even though he stays in an apartment. He had two cars, selling his mother’s Ford Focus and keeping his 69 Camaro. Keeping the house just in case he had the guts to finally move into the large house and be alone. It wasn't that the house scared him, he just didn't like so much space around him.

After a little bit of thinking it finally came to him. "I need a vacation",he sat on the couch and looked around,"I need a break from this place, get out of the city for a while." Kyrian got up and went back to his room. Grabbing a bag from his closet, he threw it onto the bed; it fell opened. He took out several pairs of jeans and even more shirts. Going to the dresser, he made sure to grabbed underwear and his swimming trunks, white men tank tops, and a few pairs of socks. Moving into the bathroom he then grabbed his showering products and toothbrush and toothpaste. Kyrian then grabbed a smaller bag, placing his laptop and its charger in there along with his phone charger and various other electronics. Taking his phone and sitting on the bed he looked up the number for the condos down on the beach finally reaching him he heard someone say hello,”yes hello, I was calling to see about how much your top floor suite was.” He waited for a moment as the clerk looked it up and then got back to him, reciting that it was 1,000 dollars per night. Kyrian nodded at this and told the clerk he’d be staying for four nights. Since his mother’s death he hadn’t done anything with the money but let it build on itself in the bank. So he had around about 10 million in the account she had placed his college fund and her life insurance into for him. He was a loved little boy, always being spoiled when his after his father and brother left. Since he was the “only child” again he got almost anything he wanted.

Having made the arrangements needed he then got up and headed outside. Grabbing his car keys, bags, and sunglasses. Exiting the apartment building he knew so well, he popped the trunk on the car he drove and placed the bags inside of it, closing it. He went to the driver side and got in, turning of the car upon putting his seatbelt on, mumbling to himself,”safety first” He rolled his eyes as he remembered the Click it or Ticket commerical that would come as when he was a child. With that he was on his way to the beach. It was only a four hour drive from where he lived, but he hadn’t ever been to the beach in his life. Finally out of the hussle and bussle city, he was on a long stretch of country side road. Listening to his favorite bands as the smell of salt water was filling his nose. He was about thirty minutes away from the condos as the ocean finally swallowed one side of the road. He could finally now see the condos. He pulled up and parked close to the door. Popping the trunk once more, grabbing the bags, he closed the trunk and went into the building. It was open, huge bay windows allowed in the light from the outside to light the inside of the building. The white walls making it bright as the light bounced off the white paint. Coming up to the clerk as she looked up from her papers she smiled,”hello sir, may I help you?” Kyrian nodded a little,”yes please, I am Kyrian Knight. I made reservations earlier today for your top floor suite.” “Oh! Yes sir! Welcome to our establishment, Mr. Knight. Let me show you to your room.”,she quickly grabbed a key from behind her desk and briskly walked to the elevator and pushed a button on the wall. He followed her and entered the elevator. She pushed the number 14 and the elevator heaved upwards to the 14th floor. The elevator finally stopped and the door opened they both stepped out him following her again. The young woman stopped at the door at the end of the hallway, pushing the key into the keyhole and unlocking the door and pushing it open for him. “Here we are sir, your room awaits.”,she then handed Kyrian the keys to the room, with a nod the woman left him to be alone. Now in the room alone he went to the bedroom of the large suite. This room was just as open as the lobby was, big windows as the outside wall was windows. The sun had begun to set, the golden lights now giving a warming and welcoming glow into the room. Unpacking his bags, and changing into his swimming trunks, making the decision to go for a sunset walk. Making his way out of the condos, and down to the beach. His toes sinking slightly into the warm sand.  Letting the cool water crash down on his feet. The breeze blowing through his fur, he closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath. “Finally, relaxation.”,Kyrian finally left fully at peace for once in his life.[/color]

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