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Dylan Blake - Canine

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Dylan Blake - Canine Empty Dylan Blake - Canine

Post by Dylan on Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:42 pm

Name: Dylan Grace Blake

Nickname: Blake

Age: Appears - 17 Actually - 23

Species: Furcadia

Desired Rank: Falconer

Occupation: Dancer at Animal Bar

Dylan Blake - Canine 19-5810

Animal: Wolf

Appearance: Her stomach and face is white as snow, with the rest of her form being black as night. Her left ear has a double piercing, and although she doesn't use it a lot, she has a stomach piercing as well. Her hair is black and red, naturally colored that way. She refuses to bleach her hair or change the color, because she likes it so much. It's not uncommon for her to wear a choker collar, and the tattoo of a paw-print under her eye is definitely eye-catching. She's pretty tall with her slim, long legs to add to her height of 5'9". She doesn't have any scars, thanks to her past of a Utopian society, which turned out to be the opposite of perfect.

Personality: She's deceiving and a good ally to have when you get in trouble. One look into those chocolate eyes will have you nearly transfixed into believing anything she's got to say, although it's just a fluke, not an ability. A sly smile can give away nearly too much, the fact that she's really a monster hiding behind a mask, and she would be almost honored to take the life of anyone who figures it out. Answer her questions, accept her alibis and you will be safe from her dangerous threat. Many would deem her the kind of girl who got crazy and risky. She's a tease and a flirt, and luring in men is what she does best. She's skilled in the art of love, therefore her dream job being a Dancer, and she certainly wouldn't mind getting taken home by a few men...

Joining Keys: Exempt -Desires Admin

History: It was the perfect world. A Utopian society where everybody knew everybody and life was all well. As long as nobody knew anything, nobody could protest. And so that's the way it was growing up for Dylan. She never knew her parents, same as all the other children. Instead, they grew up together with Watchers, who watched the children and became their stand-in parents. But she didn't know what parents were, or how life was supposed to be. It was a very strict rule that boys and girls be separated, and little to no interaction between the two groups were supposed to happen. But Dylan was curious. She ventured out to the Edge. The Edge was the place where the city ended, and beyond it was miles and miles of nothing. No trees, no animals, no nothing. She and all the other children had been taught that there were others like themselves outside the city, but it was dark, wretched places with criminals and dangers that nobody should ever witness. Dylan never went past the Edge by any means, but she did like to stay within the city territory and look out at the wasteland beyond the only world she ever knew and imagine that life outside the city was possible. Years passed, nothing new happened. She continued following the strict rules, until that one night when she was 17. Her birthday was in a week, and she was excited to be able to move out of the dormitories that had been given to her and the other children when they reached age 12. She could live on her own then. But within the city. If she so chose, she could leave, but she could never convince herself to do so, because everything within the city was so perfect and amazing. But she wanted to celebrate a little bit, so she went to the Edge.

At the Edge, she saw flickering lights out in the distance. Her curiosity got the better of her, and for the first time in her life, she stepped over the line that separated her world from the outside. She made her way to the lights, and as she neared, she found that they were flares. When she reached the mysterious place, she found many others like her, but they dressed differently and they looked far more happy than she had seen anyone within the city. After a lot of convincing from the others she had just met, she decided that leaving the city a week early wouldn't kill anybody, so she left with the strangers who told her about magical places where thousands of people lived, all of different species and races. She couldn't believe it. Nobody ever mentioned crimes or dangerous things along the way, and she couldn't believe that for years, she actually thought that the city was the safest place she could ever live.

For around a month, she was a nomad, moving from city to city until she found a promising place with a nice downtown area with multiple options for employment. She's decided to move in, and she's excited to begin her life for real.

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Dylan Blake - Canine Empty Re: Dylan Blake - Canine

Post by Desires Admin on Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:49 pm

Congrats! Your profile has been....
Dylan Blake - Canine Images10

Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

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