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Sam Evens the Furcadia Fox

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Sam Evens the Furcadia Fox Empty Sam Evens the Furcadia Fox

Post by Sam on Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:53 pm

Name: Sam Michael Evens

Nickname: Sam, Sammy, bro, dude, anything that comes his way.

Age: Looks: 20 Age: 23

Species: Furcadia

Desired Rank: Lead Mender I guess...

Occupation: IT Manager

Image: Sam Evens the Furcadia Fox Art-fox-fistbump-furry-1106740.

Animal: Fox

Appearance: Sam is an orange fox with a white underbelly. Halfway down his arms and legs is brown instead of orange and on his ears. He has short fur and even shorter fur on chest and belly. He has longer fur on his tail but only by a bit. When he gets shocked his fur stands up on end and makes his look funny and he tries to push it back down but it never works. He tends to wear no shirt when he's not working but when he is he wears a tan shirt with a black tie or some other work outfit he has. He always carries around his laptop and probably should buy a case for it. He has two different colored eyes, one blue and one green. The tip of his tail is white.

Personality: Sam is a clever fox. He tends to be smarter than his friends and think about his actions, but that doesn't mean he can still do stupid stuff. He is always in his computer when he's working and can only be found out of it when he's with his friends. He tries to be a friendly guy and hates it when he's harsh on people. He likes to chill when he's with the bros but is always on edge, watching out for them and making sure they don't get in to much trouble. If they do get in trouble he always come forward and tells whoever's mad that it was his fault and he'll help replace anything that was broken. Sam usually drinks coffee but in at a bar will have a drink or two but usually never more so that he can drive everyone home afterwards. He tries not to act stupid, especially around women but sometimes he can't help it and just ends up making things awkward.

Joining Keys: Has been removed by the lovely Nessa!

History: Sam was a shriveled, wet, crying fox when she found him. Dark and alone in the darkest alley on the street. He'd been without food for a while, people on the streets just ignored him. Even though she was just a teenager, just out of highschool, she had to try. He didn't deserve to just rot away forgotten. Either his real parents were stupid and uncaring or his parents did care and knew they couldn't take care of him. Either way, the female took him in her arms and carried him home in the wet rain.

Sam never knew his real parents, or ever though of his mom differently. The way he saw it he came from a Lynx mother who was named Rassa. Rassa was the only thing he knew as his mother, and he never knew his father. Rassa's parents were his grandparents and now, Rassa was married to a cougar. His name was Cosmos, and Sam loved him. Cosmos would always play with him and take him on cool 'adventures' around the yard. One time he even flew! Sam loved his family, until one thoughtful night...

It was the Christmas Eve, little Sam was up waiting for Santa to come, smiling from withing his blanket. 'I have the the best hiding spot, I'll see him tonight!' he thought, snuggling in more into his blanket. He held a flashlight in his tiny paws so that when he came he could see him, even though he had good nocturnal vision. He saw light come on from the upstairs and stuck his head out, finding that it was from his parents room. He saw his mom come out and stuck his head back in the blanket. "Yes, I know. Oh, you found them, really?! Oh my gosh, when should I tell him! What... Oh, I guess you're right..." He heard Rassa say into her phone before closing it and sitting down in a chair. Cosmos came down after she finished talking "Honey, what is it?"
"They found his parents."
They kept talking about his 'real' parents. What did they mean? Sam walked out of the blankets, holding his flashlight in both hands. He tugged on his mom's shirt, "What do you mean momma?" He asked her, looking up at her with puppy eyes. She flattened her ears and looked at Cosmos and he bent down and held his shoulders, "Sam, we found your parents, your real parents."

Sam never forgot Rassa and Cosmos, they felt like his actual parents. His 'new' parents were both foxes, his dad worked at a party place while... His mom didn't tell him what she really was until he was older. Last Christmas Cosmos got him a laptop, Sam carried it everywhere. He was always on it, finding anything he considered useful and tested it out, excited with every discovery. His father tried to act interested in it but Sam saw right though it. He wished he was with his parents, but he still loved his new ones, even if they weren't the same.

How did you find us?: I'm Kota so... Nessa

Example Post: Eh... This is just a story plot I wrote because of my friend *Ami* and I did have a bigger one but that one was in first person so I wanted to just use this one :/

Being in a rich family was annoying, you always had to look your best and could never get hurt. That's what Ami thought about being the daughter of one of the richest families. It was nice, getting anything and being able to do nothing, but even going outside of the house you had to be accompanied by someone. Yesterday she got told her father ordered her a bodyguard, and that he would be there soon. But what they didn't know is what was going to happen that day...

After he arrived, he wasn't what she expected. He wasn't muscular like every other body guard and he wore glasses. She could tell her parents weren't expecting him either. "I'm Mike, at your service." He said with a bow. Ami got up and asked, "May we go out of this house then, test your skills a bit?" He looked at her father and he nodded. Pleased, Ami went to the car, sitting in the back and getting ready to drive out of here. After they drove a bit she decided she was getting a bit hungry. "Might you be getting a bit famished sir?" She asked,  hoping they might be able to go somewhere good to eat. "Why in a matter of fact I am. I've heard this place was good..." He said, turning up a street. It was dark and dusty, more like an alley than anything. "Where are we going?" Ami asked, a bit worried about where he was taking here. "Oh, you'll see." He said with a wicked smile. She tried to open her door but he locked it just as she grasped the handle, "Not so fast, you're staying here." he said, continuing to drive along the road. Eventually he stopped, getting out and grabbing her. "Don't try and fight, that will only make matters worse." He said in a dark voice. She stopped, glaring at him but walking to where he took her. Somewhere deep in the shadows a figured moved, following them. They went inside a building, it was more of a warehouse than anything. "Well, this will be your home, for now." He said, releasing her. She stumbled forward, looking back at him, "My parents are going to hear about this!" She yelled at him. "Oh why yes they are dear, I need them to, for I'm going to exchange you for a prize." Suddenly, he was ambushed from behind, falling to the floor with another man on top of him. "Stay still and don't move." The new person said, bringing out a small pistol. Ami looked at him, blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin... He was almost like a thing someone would dream of. "Who are you?" She asked him. He looked up at her, "The names Lead, and I'm your bodyguard." He started, "This guy was an impostor, but if I showed up after he did it would end up being strange, so I followed you and now I'm here." He shrugged, bringing out rope to tie him up. "He's going to deal with your parents now, while I take you home. Want to stop by a restaurant, body-guarding is hard work." He said with a smile. They packed him up in the trunk and drove off, Ami forever grateful to him.

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Sam Evens the Furcadia Fox Empty Re: Sam Evens the Furcadia Fox

Post by Vanessa on Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:02 pm

Congrats! Your profile has been....
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Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

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