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Post by Vanessa on Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:44 pm

Having been a long week Vanessa decided to treat herself to a day of pampering. Getting up early one morning she headed to the Aqua mall, one of her favorite places within her lands. Buying her a brand new outfit that was made up of, a loose fitting shirt, some new jeans, and some more high heels. They were black with encrusted jewels on the straps of them. Most of the men stared at her with awe and the women envied her from afar. Vanessa had the body of a goddess. Curves that swayed from side to side as she walked. Her tail flickering at the tip as she was filled with joy from her planned day. Bright eyes of ocean blue looking around in the windows of the shops at the mall as she looked for more cloths and things to buy. Vanessa was always on the lookout for anything that may spice her life or club up.

Once done with the mall she headed out and placed all her things in her car, driving off to make her way over to the nail salon. Having not been pampered with her nails being done in a while she thought she was overdue. Finding a parking spot she got out, locked her car, and went inside. Giving a small wave a woman came over and asked her what she wanted to have done for the day. “I want my hands and toe nails done today please.”,she grinned and the woman smiled and led her to a chair to hand her finger nails done first. The woman got to work quickly. Relaxing in the chair Vanessa watched as her nails were quickly transformed into beautiful french tipped nails,”I love it, it looks amazing. Her smile grew, and soon she was led to a different chair. Upon sitting down the chair began to viberate, massaging her back and getting rid of the stress knots she had aquired from stressing over paperwork. Vanessa felt warm water begin to surround her feet, it felt amazing as it added onto her relaxed state. One of the other employes had brought her a drink without her knowing it. Happily she took it, sipping it she noticed it was sparkling water. Which was a drink she hadn’t had in many years, bringing back memories she smiled and let her feet be pampered.

Once her appointment was over at the nail salon she headed for home to shower and change. her radio up and blaring as Vanessa’s favorite song came on, she danced and swayed her upper body in her seat. “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you!”,she sang out loud as the wind blew through her hair,”but I love it!” Pulling up to the Furcadian Leader Mansion and getting out of the car, she looked around and glanced around seeing that the other two leaders were nowhere to be found. She frowned and went inside. Entering the house she looked around, her sadness growing a little as she had missed her friends who were nowhere to be found. Going upstairs she tried to make herself happy again and turned on her radio and began to dance in her room. Vanessa soon got in the shower, washed up, then got out to get ready. An hour later she was dressed in her best dress, her most expensive heels and her favorite jewels. Heading out she went to her favorite restaurant, Lunar Lights. Even though she had no one special to share the evening with, Vanessa still wanted to treat herself to a fancy dinner.

Leaving the house Vanessa got to the restaurant within 30 minutes, soon she parked and went inside. Entering the building a man dressed in a white dress shirt, black slacs, and black shoes showed her to her table. He then took her order of white wine and went to fetch it upon request. Leaving a menu for her to pick her meal for the night. When the man returned with her drink he then took her order of her favorite meal, shrimp and a small steak with a salad. Vanessa was assured it would be out within a few moments, she grinned and nodded. Taking a glance around she seen couples having a nice dinner. Some of them on dates, some of them celebrating a special night, others, well, maybe it was just because they wanted to. Vanessa hadn’t had anyone special in her life like that in a long time. College was the last time she remembered having a relationship. It kind of broke her heart, she wanted someone special in her life. Maybe not a relationship but companionship. A close friend. Someone to talk to late at night when everyone else was asleep. A best friend would be nice. Vanessa looked to the twinkling lights above her that hung from the ceiling,”please give me a sign, let someone talk to me tonight. Let someone make a move and us be lost in conversation as friends.” Her voice was hushed and in whispers, she then realized she may have looked like a crazy person and glanced around to see if anyone had seen her. No one had, she smiled and hide her face until her food arrived and she began to eat.

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