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Kyrian Knight (WIP)

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Kyrian Knight (WIP) Empty Kyrian Knight (WIP)

Post by Kyrian on Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:02 pm

Name: Kyrian Knight

Nickname: Ky or Rian

Age: Seems to be 21 but is actually 24.

Species: Furcadia

Desired Rank: I would like to be Lead Conscript and work my way up to Commissioner.

Occupation: I’m soon to try out and be a bouncer at the Lunar Star.


Kyrian Knight (WIP) 21km9hs

Animal: Kyrian is a Wolf Furcadian.

Appearance: His fur is that of a dark smoky color, with red tipping his ears. Having eyes of crystal blue as the bluest ocean. He stands to be 6’0 exactly. Having a muscular build to him he tends look a bit bigger than he actually is. Looking like a hard ass he is actually a big flirt and teddy bear. Kyrian always has the necklace his mother gave to him before she died, having been a pendant his father owned before he disappeared.

Personality: Ky has different sides to his personality. He can be a real sweetie and loving, basically a big teddy bear. Being the flirt that he was with the ladies he has a humorous side to him. He is rather protective over women, hint his love of his job being a bouncer, always keeping drunken men away from women. His protective side normally comes when in then anger comes as well. This side of Ky normally is under control very well, there are only a few things to consume him in anger.

Joining Keys: Eaten by Nessa! ^-^

It all started with  Love…
Two people fell in love over a one night stand, having met in a bar just meer hours ago. The two had shared drinks, laughs, and sad memories together. As if they had known one another for years, being separated and then by a some strange chase found each other once again. Now as a strange male laid on top of a girl they began to fall for each other. Love at first sight? Maybe. A few hours later they laid in bed and cuddled.

~Few short months later~

Church bells rang as people stood outside waiting for the newly married couple to come running out of the church and into their car for their honeymoon. Derek and Kate and just gotten hitched, they two couldn’t be more in love than they were right then and there. They were headed to a cabin they had rented out for two weeks in the mountains. Having already packed and headed that way as Kate waved goodbye to everyone and Derek drove the car. Finally out of sight of the crowd Kate sat back down,”I am so glad we get to get away from everyone for two weeks, hiding away in the mountains.",she smiled and kissed her beloved. He smiled and nodded in agreement with her,”I am glad too babe.

~a year after the honeymoon~

Derek!! Come quickly!",his wife yelled. Derek took the steps of their house by twos, afraid something was wrong with his wife. He burst into their room,”what is it Kate? What’s wrong?” At first she stood with her back to him, then turned and he looked to her hands. In his wife’s hands was a pregnancy test. Kate looked to her husband and the biggest smile crossed her face and she ran and hugged him tightly,”I’m pregnant!” Derek was filled with relief and worry at the same time, but mostly joy that he was going to be a parent. So he held his wife tightly and kissed her.

The beginning of Kyrian...

As a two year old Kyrian had a pretty good life. He had as many toys as he wanted and the best friend a little kid would ask for, a sibling. His younger brother Ronan, even if it was only by a year, he still loved playing cars with his brother in the dirt in their backyard. The two boys were inseparatable, doing everything together as a team. If Kyrian was to go somewhere so did Roan. Their parents thought it was cute and let the boys be themselves for the most part. Ronan was more violent and would get into trouble with getting into fights at the daycare they went to while their parents went to work. Kyrian was more the instigator than a fighter, granted he could hold his own, he would rather sit back and watch drama unfold before him on its own. Not only watching out for himself but his brother as well. No one took their crayons at the table when it was time to color. Not one soul even thought about stealing their juice boxes at lunch time.

That day after day care the two brothers were picked up and taken home, but the ride home left off to Kyrian. His mother and father were not laughing and greeting them as usual. He looked to his brother in confusion before looking back to his parents. Before getting home his father turned to his brother Ronan,”Ronan, me and you are going to go visit your grandparents for a while, okay buddy? Kyrian was confused, and now he to wanted to go to grandmaws house. “Me too daddy, me too daddy!”,Kyrian chanted as he wanted to go, but his dad just shook his head and replied with a no. His mother then turning to him and smiling slightly,”we will do something as well baby, don’t you worry okay? We will go do something fun.” Finally making it to the house, Kyrian’s father had his and his brothers bag packed and ready to go. Throwing their bags into the back of his truck and then sticking Ronan’s carseat in the over car Kyrian began to cry as he felt like he would never be seeing them again. He didn’t want to lose his only friend and brother. “Kyrian come give me a hug and kiss, and hug your brother, we will see you soon alright?”,Kyrian did as he was told and hugged his father and brother. Kyrian’s father put Roana in the car seat and then got in himself. Driving off until Kyrian could no longer see them. Little did he know that would be the last day he would see his father or beloved brother.

~years later~

Kyrian now lives on his own and is soon to hopefully get the job he is has wanted for a while, to be a bouncer at the famous night club. Lunar Star.

How did you find us?: One word: Vanessa. Haha.

Example Post:

It was many years ago, on a night with no moon and stars where the only light. Two cats slipped into the night and into a house, changing back to their human forms; the woman was pregnant. Going straight to the bed she laid down to get of her feet, her ears laid back as her breathing began to labor. Tail flicking in slight pain as her stomach tightened and loosened. “Tom, dear, I think I am beginning to go into labor”,she panted and looked to her husband. Who nodded and shifted to his cat form and ran from the house to fetch the doctor down the street. Within the next couple of minutes two men walked through the door of the small house. Walking back to the woman the doctor spoke,”where does it hurt and how bad?” She took a deep breath and run her hand over her lower stomach,”my lower stomach and its about a nine of a pain scale.” The doctor nodded, and began his word to get ready for the baby to be delivered.

A few hours later the woman was holding her newborn child. Her eyes filled with love as the small child wiggled in her arms, his tiny ears flicking back and forth. His eyes rolled around in his head before opening and looking to the figure of his mother. Something like a grin crossed his face before closing his eyes again to sleep on her chest. The doctor had left and given them instructions and a number to call should they have problems. That night was his first night out of the womb and so far it was wonderful.

-months years-

Many months came and gone. The boy named Dartainan was growing to be healthy and strong. Home schooled and not really allowed to go out of the house, he was slightly socially awkward when it came to being in public. The friends he did have were all over the Xbox, those who he talked through a headset with. He played the Xbox almost everyday after finishing all the school work he was given for that day. Sometimes he would sit down and finish that weeks worth of work within two or three days. His mother and father loved him dearly, he returned the love; by loving them more so.

Now at the age of 13, the boy stood at a funeral site. Many people crowded and mourned for the lost couple, patting him on the back or whispering they were sorry. Sorry wasn’t going to bring them back, Dartainan knew that. Now his fear would be where would he go? What was he to do now? The only two people he had evey truly loved are gone, and for what? All because a big truck couldn’t stop on a dime? Of course it was an everyday thing that people, or well, stray cats, died. But his parents? Why couldn’t a truck driver cared just this once, to stop before hitting the strays that were his parents. He would never know. As the sky began to darken, and the clouds began to let loose their own tears. Dartainan got into a black car and was driven to the next orphanage. He was dropped off with only one suitcase full of clothes he had packed himself, trying to fit as many clothes into as he could. One picture of his parents and a note his mother had written him to cheer him up when he was down. Nobody knew about either.

-several years later-

The day had finally come. Someone actually wanted him. Someone actually cared enough to break him out of his prison. Ever since the day of his parents death Dartainan had kept away from others and stayed silent. Keeping his heart guarded and his mouth shut. For losing another person that he just might have came close to would have been his last straw. Finally, now he was to be put back into a real home. Where there was a warm bed, instead of a cold twin size mattress that he retired to every night. A woman to call mom, instead of a woman that just tossed angered words at him. Possibly a father to teach him how to act and present himself. He could lie to other kids and say he wasn’t excited about leaving, but he couldn’t lie to himself and say he wasn’t when he was so ready to leave that hell hole. Now his things are in the trunk of a car and he sat in the back seat, watching the building he had been in for so long disappear into the skyline.

In his new him, Dartainan had gotten into his new routine. Keeping his true self hidden, tail tucked in his pants leg and his cat ears pinned down to his head, wearing a hat or beenie all the time. Everything was going smooth, until a couple months later. When his new father had gotten drunk and violent. Hitting on him and his new mother, Dartainan tried to stop him and begged him to only hit him instead of his mom. It didn’t take long for him to not like his new father anymore, always having to stand up to him and the constant fighting. He thought his old home was bad, this topped off everything. Finally one day Dartainan had had enough and packed his things.

That night he opened his window and threw his things out first, slipping out behind it. Pulling his beenie down he slipped into the night and ran away, smiling slyly as he heard the mans yelling and poundings of the walls in anger. Dartainan ran, he didn’t know where he was going to go; he just knew it would be hard in the future. He would have to defend himself and do for himself now. Everything changed now.

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Kyrian Knight (WIP) Empty Re: Kyrian Knight (WIP)

Post by Vanessa on Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:27 am

Congrats! You're profile has been....
Kyrian Knight (WIP) Images10

Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

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