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Belle Shep, Canine Mistress (WIP)

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Belle Shep, Canine Mistress (WIP)  Empty Belle Shep, Canine Mistress (WIP)

Post by Belle on Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:02 pm

Name: Belle Shep

   Nickname: N/A

   Age: 21/7

   Species:  Furcadia

   Desired Rank: Canine Leader/Mistress

   Occupation: Artist/Leader

Belle's Appearance:
Belle Shep, Canine Mistress (WIP)  Belle_s_ref_by_beautyofthebelles-d8xqcdu

   Animal: German Shepherd

   Appearance: Belle is a leanly built Furcadia, standing at about 5'8", and having very elongated features. Her hips start very high up, giving her long legs and a short torso. She also has very large feet, and, if she were able to wear shoes, she would wear an 11. She is covered in pastel pink fur, though there are some breaks in this colour. Belle has a deep grey (or, one can see it as a pastel black) covering her right ear and left eye. There is a heart shape on her chest, beginning just below her collarbone. Her right hand is the same grey up to her wrist, and her left paw is this same colour up just past her ankle. She has a pastel blue on her left ear and a splotch on her right eye, her inner elbow and outer elbow, and her right paw. Her tail is pastel pink, though its tip is covered entirely in a dark grey stripe with a blue stripe above it.

   Personality: Belle has extreme sides to her personality. Most of the time, she is in a good mood, giving tail wags often and being happy in general. She is, however, easily annoyed. This trait paired with short tempered does not result in the best, often. She is very prone to becoming easily depressed as well, being quite sensitive to all interactions. Belle tends to take things incorrectly. She dislikes spending too much time around others, and tends to prefer being left to herself.

   Joining Keys: Joining Keys have been posted and removed. - Desires Admin

   History: As a pup, she had grown up in a normal family. A happy family. However, around the age of two, her father had begun abusing her mother and drinking. She was sheltered from this by her mother, and finally moved away from that place. By the time she was four, her father had committed suicide when Belle and her mother were staying at her [Belle's] grandmother's. Her mother found another boyfriend within that same year, a few months before her father passed away. Belle grew up with him and moved away, and now resides in her home.

   How did you find us?: Vanessa (the owner of the site) had given me a link to it when we were talking on another roleplay forum.

   Example Post: Here at True Desires, we have a literate standard. Twelve sentences is the minimum, and if you cannot do this, we cannot accept you here. Please, write more for the extra spin of the wheel for a high rank! (Again, this is a big maybe overall)

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