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Delilah - Mistress of the Fox Furcadians

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Delilah - Mistress of the Fox Furcadians Empty Delilah - Mistress of the Fox Furcadians

Post by Delilah on Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:33 pm

Name: Delilah Ann Quinn

Nickname: Lil, Lilah, Del, Lukav

Age: Is 22, appears around 20

Rank: Mistress

Species: Furcadia

Occupation: Hitwoman, and part time “exotic dancer”

Delilah - Mistress of the Fox Furcadians Deli_b10

Animal: Fox

Appearance: Delilah is definitely on the shorter side, standing at almost 5' 4” tall. She's slender and built for slipping out of things and running, Her ears are decently longer than a wolf Furcadian's would be, and are sharp pointed and narrow. Her muzzle would have about the same description as her ears. Most of the fur on her body is a deep red, about a medium length, and amazingly silky. Her uunderside and the inside of her ears are white. Her hair goes from one ear down the opposite side of the head and is a bright sky blue, along with the tip of her tail, tips of ears, and eyes. Black separates most of her marking from her main fur color, and borders the fur on her head. Despite her height, she can be extremely intimidating and could probably stare down a lion.

Personality: There's no doubt that Delilah Is clever, and as sly as well... a fox. She's a very skillful liar and can play dumb when she needs to. She's very secretive about her identity as Lukav, you never know who might snitch on you once you turn your back. She's very relaxed around her friends, but never really does talk much about herself. Her ultimate goal in life is to just be happy and fulfill her parent's plans for her. She's very protective of her friends and will always have their back in a fight. She's loyal to the end, even if you've done something to wrong her, there's a good chance that she'll still help you out if you need it.

Joining Keys: You know I know it

How did you find us?: Vanessa invited me.

History: Delilah was born into a long line of assassins, her life had been laid out in front of her from the start and she began training at three years old. Stupidity and ignorance was severely punished, and those that didn't make the cut were dropped from the program to live a life of poverty. It was go big or go home at the academy, and Delilah was at the top. She showed great ambition from the start, not to mention the speed at which she learned. At the age of six they moved up from basic math and problem solving to manners and etiquette, what might as well have been a lost art. Though this training was more valuable than most would think. When taken out into public, Delilah certainly stood out amongst the other kids, and was quick to dismiss the mythical man that other children called “Santa Clause”. In fact, she found it hard to believe that people had the audacity to lie to there children like that. She knew that some lies were essential, of course, but this was just plain useless deceit. She didn't tell the children this though, no reason to destroy what had already been done. She simply rolled her eyes and kept walking. Holidays were not celebrated in her family, as it was time wasted.

At the age of sixteen, Delilah was informed that her parents had been killed. It didn't bother her very much though, she hardly saw them after the point that they sent her off to the academy, and they had put enough money away for her to finish her schooling plus have a little starter money for when she moved away. She went to their funeral and continued with her life. At this stage in her training she was being taught hand on hand combat and the art of trickery. She was adept at lying and close to an expert at feigning innocence. Despite all of this, she couldn't help but think that something was missing in her life. She decided one day that she needed friends and started trying to talk to the other kids at the academy, but no one ever really seemed to want to hang out with her, so she eventually gave up and just devoted her time to athletics and studying. Nothing much really went on, she was just a typical loner that had better things to do than socialize. She graduated at eighteen like you would at any other typical school and was set out on her own to make a name for herself. Teacher Kritian granted her the name Lukav due to her crafty nature, once one is granted a name, they are to go by that name for all contracts to mask their real identity.

Once out in the real world, Delilah barely had a clue of what to do with herself. She didn't know whether to go to college or just depend on her skills as an assassin. She needed to get her name out there. She entered the deep web through her computer and made a site, it was risky, but the chances were that no authorities would find the site. She found her parents' old house and moved in, bringing her weapons with her. It had grown dusty over the years, and the maids had been dismissed after her parents died. She spent the next week cleaning it up and replenishing the food supply. It was about three days after she had finished cleaning when she got her first contact. She didn't act for many details, just a name, description, and his usual hang outs. The only locations that the man could assure that the target would be at was a night club in Germany, Delilah was appalled at what she would have to do to safely get to him without suspicion. Nevertheless, she agreed to it and the client agreed to pay beforehand. She flew to Germany and met him behind an abandoned warehouse. The transaction went smoothly, now all that was left was getting a job and planning. She was very uncomfortable at first, she didn't like dancing with so little clothes on, especially in front of that many grabby men. After a while, she picked up a habit of drinking before she went out to the pole. The target came in every Friday night, at ten p.m. and stayed for at least two hours. He seemed wealthy, that or incredibly wasteful with his money. He got a lap dance every time he came in, and seemed to be going steadily through the line up. She made a poison made of Dolls eyes, the berries of the plant were extremely poisonous and would cause cardiac arrest. She combined this with the juice of five rosary peas and put the toxic mixture in a syringe. If she had pricked her finger while making the mixture, she would not have lived long enough to set her plan in motion. The target slipped a fifty into her bra strap, and she did what she came there for. She gave the man a lap dance, then proceeded to stab his leg with the syringe and inject the toxins into his body. The song ended right then. That was the end of her shift and she high tailed it out of there. She would be untraceable, she had made sure of that. Delilah was back home at that time the next night. Over the next few years, and after many, many contracts. Lukav was one of the most well known names in the underground, and she now strips for fun and some extra spending money between contracts. Why let a skill go to waste?

Example Post:
(Post by myself as Shadow on LotR)
The male moved swiftly through the fog, almost strutting. Nobody was there to see him right now and he was extremely joyful, almost playful. He was still the only one in Nereus, but he still viewed water as an extremely powerful element. It could erode earth, extinguish flame, and drown about anything. It was so fun. He stepped out onto the water and ran over it at a full sprint, sliding here and there and causing small waves to form. His coat had a total of three colors on it, black, grey, and blue. Black was the main color, with a grey stripe going from his forehead to the end of his tail, along with his stomach and other random spots. The blue however had no rhyme or reason to where it was. He hummed and pranced over the water, skating and sliding here and there over it's surface. Then, he heard voices. He stopped in his tracks and looked towards them, dark blue eyes focused in the direction that they were from. He looked down at his webbed paws and allowed himself to drop into the water, easily breathing as he swam under the surface. He looked around and noticed a fish, he sat completely still, directing the currents toward himself that the fish was swimming in and easily caught it in his jaws. He surfaced, then did something most effectively called a gallop towards the voices. Humming randomness once more as he approached the figures.

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Delilah - Mistress of the Fox Furcadians Empty Re: Delilah - Mistress of the Fox Furcadians

Post by Tae on Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:14 pm

Congrats! You're profile has been....
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Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

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