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Post by Belle on Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:54 pm

There are only three species known to this world - Furcadians, the Animex and humans. These are all linked together due to a chemical mistake when testing with DNA.


Are those capable of both feral and human forms. Feral forms are the typical animals you would see on a daily basis - a normal dog, a common bird. However, they may preform a shift into a form of a human. Animex can be any type of animal, though the human form is present to each individual.


Meanwhile, are stuck in a human-animal hybrid form. They may not shift. They are animals that display human traits: the ability to stand upright, three curves to the spine, hands, vocal cords. Furcadians keep the fur, tails and ears of their animal cousins. These creatures are also called anthros or anthromorphic animals.


Homo sapiens. They were before the Furcadians, and caused the sudden creation of Furcadians. They are seperate from the Animex, and have no abilities to shift. They have kept the same characteristics of a modern person before the accident.

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