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Post by Alex on Thu Aug 13, 2015 6:28 pm

Name: Alexander C. Hugh

Nickname: Alex

Age: Appears to be 27, but in actuality is 2,393, its fun to him to count.

Species: Animex

Desired Rank: Guardian

Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder

Occupation: Firefighter with some construction jobs on the side

Alexander Hugh Img-th11

Alexander Hugh Tumblr10

Animal: Tiger

Tiger: In his animal form, Alex is a giant beast, stretching the limits on how big tigers can be. The beast within him is a muscled animal, immortality can give you endless time to build yourself up, to learn and to fight. His claws are thorn sharp, able to rip flesh in the blink of an eye. His teeth, razors with his powerful jaws, easy to crush bone and rip creatures apart. His eyes are like sapphires, but deadly jewels, this part of his remains as his human counterpart.

Human: Alex is just a bulky and strong as his beast, with broad shoulders and muscles packed in throughout his body. Standing at about 6 foot he is almost scary, with his devious smirks and piercing blue eyes they warn you of the trouble inside him. He bears scars across his body, deep ones more visible than others, mainly on his chest and sides.

Personality: In his human side, Alex seems to not have a care in the world. He likes to slack off and drink, but he keeps the part in him that cares buried so no one except those who desperately try to find it will. He the one night stand, no strings attached kind of guy. He has an explosive temper, one that usually begins with punches but ends in his beast ripping through the wall he puts up. So after a few...unhappy endings to some brawls he has tried to disappear when the bubbles start-a-bubbling.

In his animal, he is just merciless. Always picking a fight, a very dominate being that knows no bounds. If you wish for respect you better earn it or your not getting any. Much alike his human counterpart he may care, but he keeps it hidden, but his animal is harder to break. Much harder.

Joining Keys: Eaten by Nessa ^-^


Really any younger than this could be described as a normal childhood, but things got messy here. When he turned seventeen, his mother died and his father never really cared about much of anything so Alex had to raise himself practically. So this is when he started really heavily drinking. Parties and his adult friends kept him stocked full, always having money from his mothers life insurance-she was very paranoid so she was the 40 year old with life insurance-he could have almost all he wanted. Being seventeen and an alcoholic didn't help schoolwork, but he managed to keep his grades at passing and graduated high school. But when he had nothing to do he fell apart.

~19-Discovery of Animal~
See, Alex had always been a athlete, especially excelling in football. He loves the power it made him feel and it was his tempers outlet, once he graduated he had no outlet. Every drunken night pent that up and it built up more, and more, and more. One night it got bad, and he snapped. Trying desperately not to hurt anyone he ran to the woods nearby, thinking maybe separation from the problem was what he needed, but something happened. Suddenly his hands started tingling and then they hurt, his felt all the bones in his body erupting like they were on fire. His mouth hurt, and teeth grew in and when he finally could compose himself to scream or yell, it came out a strangled grunt then a roar. All he could think to do was run, and he did until he changed back after a few hours.


It was easier now. Alex found his outlet, first it was the gym then it was construction then it was his job. Firefighting seemed a good way to be helpful and keep himself under control. He still has a drinking problem but he usually doesn't let it escalate to far but when it does he just takes refuge in his tiger in the woods, then tests all the boundaries he can. He may live in a lower-class apartment but he likes his life now, and has no complaints.

How did you find us?: I saw a ad on another rp site

Example Post: This is from a site called Fidelius

Never again. This is what he had already told himself. Logan figured when he decided to let Candice pick where their next date was they'd go to a cheesy chick flick, not a play. He hadn't decided before if he wanted to do this but when he got a text practically threatening him Logan went along with it. But this was the last date. She was a real pushy girl, though he had signed up for this when he asked her out about a month ago. Now he walked out of his condo while adjusting the collar of his jacket, texting Candice that he was on the way as he locked the door. Looking back and forth from his hall, Logan reached down and slipped his wand from his boot and apparated away.
When he appeared right at Candice's doorstep he popped his neck, letting out an audible sigh as he felt the tension release, then knocked on her door. Slipping his wand back into his boot, he gave the girl that answered the door a smile then wrapped his arm loosely around her waist while they walked out towards her car. Of course he didn't have a car, no matter how embarrassing it would be to admit as a Muggle, he thought there was no sense in buying a car when he could just wave his wand. Just a waste of money. If he wanted a vehicle he would just get a broom, but that didn't matter.
The car ride was mainly just Candice talking, a lot, and Logan zoning out of the conversation. Mainly because all she did was repeat over and over again, "Oh, you'll love it! So much drama and jokes." or "Why you insisted on wearing that god awful leather jacket, I have no clue. This is a formal occasion!" How could something be dramatic and funny at the same time? It's just stupid. Hopefully there would be an actor that got sick and the show would be cancelled...maybe he could arrange a injury? No, too risky. He would just have to bear through it this time.
Though when they arrived he slipped into his seat, E7, and yawned while waiting for this lame event to start. The faster it started the faster it would be over. When he head voices he turned his head to look at the people coming to sit down, hoping it wasn't a old couple. Those were the worst. Sending the woman that was, apparently, sitting beside him a quick smile Logan looked up at the stage. But when he felt some small items hit his foot he turned and immediately reached down to help grab his items, then shook his head at her apology, "No, it's perfectly fine." Once gathering the items that the woman couldn't reach, Logan handed them over to her then caught her eyes. Keeping eye contact, he spoke in his normal deep tone, "I'm Logan."

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Post by Vanessa on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:06 pm

Congrats! You're profile has been....
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Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

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