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Vanessa, Leader of the Furcadian Felines (WIP)

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Vanessa, Leader of the Furcadian Felines (WIP) Empty Vanessa, Leader of the Furcadian Felines (WIP)

Post by Vanessa on Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:41 pm

Name: Vanessa Knight

Nickname: Nessa

Age: Appears to be 22, but in reality is 2,023

Species: Furcadia

Desired Rank: Leader of the Furcadian Felines

Occupation: Is the owner of The Lunar Star night/dance club.


Vanessa, Leader of the Furcadian Felines (WIP) 2iifork

Vanessa, Leader of the Furcadian Felines (WIP) 311s3zk

Vanessa, Leader of the Furcadian Felines (WIP) 2a0aw7c

Nessa resembles a cat, she is black and bright blue markings.


Personality: Vanessa isn’t your normal woman. She has many sides, many branches to her one personality. The first side if her happy-go-happy side. This is the side she is bubbly and bouncing around. This side is the side most people will see, the side that comes out the most even more so when she is in her night club. Her second side is when she is angry. This side is a part of her she tries to compress when around others to keep from spreading her anger, since it is such a contagious emotion. Vanessa mostly expresses this emotion at home or when she is alone in her office. Another side of Vanessa is her “off days” this is her zombiefied emotion basically. When her physical body is her but she is definitely elsewhere in her mind. Or maybe she is just not feeling it that day. Her most secret side to her is her depressed side. This emotion she will no doubtfully keep to herself. Only someone she trusts with all her being will know when she is depressed. Also that will be the only person she goes to to speak about what is bothering her, which there is almost always something bothering her. But you can always count on Vanessa to be the loving and caring friend she is, she will always be there to pick up others when they are down. Vanessa has a motherly complex about her. She hates to see someone is termoil, her strong suit is making people happy.

Joining Keys: Exempt - Desires Admin


Long ago in a research lab a germ was created.

A researcher by the name of Sarah was doing a study on a new germ for the human kind. This germ would allow them to have a superhuman immune system. Fighting off viruses and other deadly diseases, but this germ had a secret. It was infused with human AND animal DNA. Giving the human the animals ability to heal quicker and be more immune to sickness. But the germ had become something else intirely. Morphing humans into a feline, dog, or another animal. Some only transformed a little, others, well had a bit more than they wished for. They had fur begin to grow. Their feet made a painful switch from a humans to whatever animal they had become. Ears transformed from a humans to a cats or dogs. Human eyes became animal eyes. The transformations didn’t just stop there, humans even began to grow tails.

One unlucky day came along, Sarah had spilt the germs container and it leaked and spread even though the air. As well as by touch. So the human DNA mixed with feral animals, allowing them to completely shift from a feral to a human within seconds. As these two bred or mated with other humans the new species began to grow. Almost completely taking over the human race and the world. Finally within the next few years, things slowed down and humans, and the two new races, Furcadians and Animex lived together in a peaceful harmony.

~decades later~

Weaving through traffic the couple rushed to the hospital, their child was to be born this night! It was 11:49 at night, rain poured down as high winds were bring the lighting with it. “Of all nights! Our child chooses this one to enter the world! She definitely takes after you on that!”,Kegan laughed as he was trying to make small talk with his wife Nichole. Who at that moment could only groan and grunt at him as the pains of the contractions spread through her with every coil of her muscles. “Kegan! Drive faster! I can’t hold on much longer!”,Nichole screamed to her husband as the contractions became stronger and much more painful. Kegan sped up, but the rain made it hard to see, he could only imagine his wives pain as the contractions contracted. Finally, ten minutes later the hospital came into sight.

Squealing to a halt the car same to a sudden stop, Kegan jumped out of the car and ran to the passenger side to retrieve his wife. She slowly climbed out as he waited for her, then slammed the car door and helped her to the hospital entrance. “Someone! Help! My wife is going into labor and will soon be delivering our daughter!”,Kegan voice carried throughtout the building, doctors and nurses ran to their aid, sitting Kegan’s wife in a wheelchair to quickly get her to the delivery center in the hospital. Kegan ran beside the wheelchair, coaching her to breath. Within second they were in a delivery room. A nurse stopped him and handed him a package of scrubs to change into so she could be in the room with his wife. He ran to the nearest bathroom and swiftly changed, then reentered the room to be at his wifes side as she delivered their first born child.

Push one more good time Mrs. Knight. She is crowning now and will be here soon, so one more big push.”,the doctor seemed calm and relaxed. Nichole screamed and gave it all she had. The medicine the doctor had gave her didn’t work, and the pain of childbirth is almost unbearable.

22 hours later, a baby girl was born. Her name, Vanessa Renea Knight.

~18 short years later~

All grown up and soon to move out Vanessa went to her mother and hugged her tightly. “Well momma, I am off to college, to get a better life for myself and help you in anyway that I can.”,she let go of her mother and looked at her. A smile across both of their faces, but along with that smile were tears building in their eyes. Laughing to fight them back, Vanessa broke the silence as she knew what they were both thinking about. Her father, and her mothers’ beloved husband. “I wish your father was here to see you off. He’d be able to check your car out better than I can”,her mother sighed a bit,”I know he would be so proud of you.” Vanessa nodded,”I know he would be momma. I just miss him so much.

To this day Vanessa still has nightmares about her father. He went out one night late to go grab something her mother needed for supper and never came home. The knocking at the door is one they never expected two weeks later. The police, they had news of her father, news she already knew from the feeling she had in her gut and from what her fears were. The police said they had found her fathers’ body in a creek, under a bridge. Her mother broke down and cried all night in her parents room, Vanessa tried to comfort her mother but she seemed to always make it worse somehow. Her mother always cried harder it seemed when she saw her daughter. Maybe she saw parts of her father in her? Possibly. Vanessa would never know since her and her mother never would speak about it.

Now as she stood before her mother they were on good terms. She could go to her mother and speak to her about anything she wished. Which is what she always wanted in life. Sighing Vanessa bent over and picked up the last two bags she needed to load up,”want to walk outside with me to the car so I can load these up?” Her mother smiled and nodded,”of course dear, come on, you need to get going before the storm hits to bad. I don’t want you driving in the bad weather we are about to get.” “ I can drive in the rain mom”,she popped the trunk to her car and threw the bags in, then shut it before turning to her mother and hugged her one more time. “I know yo-”,her mother stopped mid-sentence and hugged her daughter back. A single tear ran down Vanessa’s face, she was going to miss her mother dearly. Letting go she wiped the tear away and smiled again to her mother,”I best be going, don’t want to get caught in the rain for too long.” “Yes, go and call me when you make it there. I love you dear, have fun at college. But do your schoolwork too, okay?” Vanessa hugged her mother for the final time and got into the car, driving off to the college she was accepted to.

~4 years of college later~

Vanessa had graduated from college, got her an apartment, and now was working on her dream. A night club. She was soo close, all she needed to do was sign a few papers tomorrow and the warehouse would be hers. She had made plenty of money to even design the inside of it from her petty job she had while in college, saving up all four years to make her dream come true. She wanted to dance the night away with strangers she’d never met before. Wanted to drink with guys they would try to take her home just so she can reject them after the drinks. Vanessa wanted to pulse with bodies as the music from her DJ as the bass caused others to sway and grind together as a group. Lights that flashed and lazer lights that shined on walls and highlighted people.

Different races would be allowed in her club, and should someone cause a problem, she’d have her guards throw them out. Her dreams were now just out of her grasp, but soon she would have them.

Within the next few days Vanessa had been to the bank, got a lowne to help her get the warehouse going and put into action. Now she would be living her ulimate dreams. Being the girl that got all the attention from men and women. Vanessa would be the popular one now. Since in highschool she was on the bottom of the social ladder. Although, what she didn’t know was that soon things would change for her. Once her mother is dead she would be the Mistress of the Felines. Coming from a royal family she didn’t know about. Things would take an unexpected turn in her life. Hopefully she was prepared for it.

[size=18]How did you find us?:
-looks around- No I didn't, I created the site, and am the founder. -giggles-

Example Post:

(A post from Age of the Wolves, by me.)

The paws of a lone wolf silently walked across the ground, leaves giving her presence away as they were the only sound she made. It was beginning to turn dark as dusk approached. Animals scurried for their homes to keep safe from the predators of the night. The she wolf had been traveling for a very long time, her pads hurt from walking and then a short trot. Ears relaxed as she had become tired. The wind whipped through her ebony fur, giving her a gentle push with every current. Looking around her bright blue eyes took in the scenery, stopping and turning around she saw the most beautiful sunset. The golden rays had begun to caress the colors of fall. Brightening them into burning reds and oranges as the sun fell asleep behind Cathedral Mountain,leaving a large shadow upon the lands before her. She had been gone for about a year now, questions quarreled in her mind, but she pushed them away. Changing her direction of travel the fae pressed onwards. The only thing that kept her company was the wind and her very own shadow.

The fae’s name was Shadow, she had once been of these lands that she now seeked once again. Memories flooded her mind as she had caught wind of the Helidos pack scent. Her mood then changed, and soon changed again with questions and explanations to tell. The memories of first joining the pack came back to her, as once a beautiful wolf names Aurora had accepted her into the pack. She first had met a wolf just like herself named Fel, but she also remembered them growing apart with the likes of Silver coming around more often. Shadow smiled at the thought of Silver, then frowned; he may not even be alive anymore. Or maybe he had moved on with her being gone, she couldn’t blame him. Moving onto her old friends, Lead Hunter Eclipse being the first of them, she couldn’t wait to see him again. To maybe hunt with him once more, she smiled wide then. Her speed picking up slightly, ears erect, and her body energized now. Shadow never knew she could miss so many at once, but she needed the pack. Hopefully they needed her, and would allow her to return to the place she called home.

Knowing she was about four miles out from the border lines, Shadow slowed down; she needed to think for a moment. Would they allow her to come back? Would anyone remember who she was for being gone so long? She wondered how much had changed in her time of absences. Clearing her throat as she was now running again, she wanted to return home and be with the ones she loved the most; her pack. If they placed her as an Omega she wouldn’t care, as long as she was with them. She would be able to work her way back through the ranks, hopefully. But it was worth the a try and work to do so.

After a few minutes of running with the wind, Shadow was but a few feet from the border lines. Breathing heavy she waited for her body to settle and relax. She sat there for a moment, dwelling in the moment she first sat there on that flat rock. Coming back to the real world Shadow lifted her head and sent out a howl of happiness, mixed with a tinge of eagerness. Now all she had to do was wait, hopefully someone would come and answer the call soon. For Shadow was anxious, her heart pounded in her chest, not from the run but from being slightly excited. Her bright blue eyes watched as the sunlight still glimed upon the ground and leaves. Leaving a dim glow on her fur and the area around her. Holding her head high and ears up, she watched.

Vanessa, Leader of the Furcadian Felines (WIP) Wgx1xe

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