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Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP)

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Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Empty Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP)

Post by Tae on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:09 am

Name: Tae Serenity Jacobs

Nickname: We'll see if she EVER gets a nickname.

Age: Appears 18 | Although her actual age is unknown to her, as she stopped keeping count, it's over 3,000 years.

Species: Animex

Desired Rank: Alphess

Face Claim: Shailene Woodley

Occupation: Owner/Bartender/Dancer at Animal Bar

Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Tumblr_static_2l7kohd44waoss40wg8kkwwgk
Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) 2869262972_1
Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Tumblr_lp4kjvpQAs1qgpsrwo1_400
Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Secret-life-gallery-pics-01

Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Factfile_sumatran_tiger_00
Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Tiger-roger-hooper-wwf-canon
Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Tiger-vivek-sinha-wwf-canon

Animal: Tigress

Appearance: Tae might be one of the prettiest people you ever lay eyes on. Immortality made her that way, perfected every imperfection. And it paid off, the pain she went through to be an Animex, because now she's incredibly stunning with every attribute to her. Tan, smooth skin lines over toned muscles of strength, chiseled and shaped bones underneath. A goddess, some might think. Long, light brown hair with blonde high-lights cascades down her back, chocolate brown eyes matching along with them to capture your heart, where she keeps it safe with the rest she's caught.

But, don't be fooled by her good looks. You see, behind that, she hides a monster. A tiger, which she barely has control over some days, capable of destruction that most couldn't even begin to imagine. Under those claws, animals have been ripped to shreds; in between those teeth, humans have been torn from their skeletons. And that's why her dark side hardly ever comes out to play. Most of her kind believe that her tigress is a blessing, a protector that listens to it's calling to throw it's life in front of another's. But to others, it's a curse, a force that can't be controlled. A pelt of orange and black, rippling with powerful muscles like a rolling wildfire. Her bright green eyes strike fear into the souls of most, fierce and dangerous.

Personality: Tae is a difficult person to understand. She's many things, but saint is not one of them. She's committed murder, very much against her will, and forced to grow upon the idea of being alone. She is extremely alienated from most people and animal-like creatures as well. It's difficult to make friends for her, and extremely easy to get on her bad side. She often finds the negative things in many situations, or a way to blame herself for anything that went wrong.

She's never experienced love, and would find it hard to fall into it. But surely, nothing's impossible, especially for her. She's got an innocent smile, a child at heart, eyes filled with wonder, and a soul that's ready to begin healing, on the road to becoming a better person overall.

Joining Keys: Joining Keys have been posted and removed. - Desires Admin

Tae had it good for a long time. She was the star of the softball team, the cheer captain, with a gorgeous boyfriend who loved her. She had everything, good family, great friends. Some of her sporty features were quick instincts, sharp reflexes, incredible stamina, and outstanding agility. She cheered for her boyfriend, Jake, while he was playing as captain of the football team every Friday night during football season. She was a popular, beautiful, and she had every right to be one of the most perfect people in the world. Unfortunately, some special people from the government found out just how perfect she was.

It was a simple day, nothing should've gone wrong. She was watching Teen Nick on TV and texting Jake, when the doorbell rang. She jogged to go get it, opening it to find three men in suits with black sunglasses on and a Bluetooth hooked up to each of their ears. She smiled nervously. "Hello, can I help you gentlemen?" she asked, the anxious grin on her face obvious. With a straight face, the man in the center answered, "We're from the Secret Service. We are looking for Tae Jacobs." His voice was strangely monotone, serious and deep, demanding. She gulped. "That's me..." she said, awaiting an accusation that she had done something terribly wrong, she just wasn't sure what. "We're gonna need you to come with us, immediately," the man said, grabbing her elbow and dragging her outside. She gasped but didn't dare fight it, as one of the other men grabbed her opposite arm and restrained her. The final man walked behind her as they moved away from the door and toward her driveway. "Where are you taking me?" she asked, fear ringing in her voice. "Don't ask questions. Get in the truck." Without any warning, they picked her up off the ground like she was nothing, and placed her into the back seat of a black army Hummer. She could only imagine it was bullet proof, but what for? What was this?

1 month later...
An experiment. A task called "The Shape-Shifter Project" was an attempt to create the world's first shape-shifter. It had never been tested, and there was the absolute possibility that Tae would die or have other terrifying results, but she didn't have a choice. She was the perfect test subject. Although, they did test it on cells, and noted how the cells took on a different appearance after a few weeks, that of a mammal. The test procedure would be simple, a surgery to genetically mutate multiple blood, white cells, skin cells, and others to be half animal, half human. After that was completed without any casualties, they injected the cells into her, and that was when the chaos started. First she blacked out, and her brainwaves flat-lined. They thought they killed her. They were about to give up on her, when they noticed that much of her figure was "correcting itself", and getting rid of imperfections. The gift of immortality. Although her body rejected it and tried to destroy it, failed and the mutated cells took over, regenerating as the normal cells died out. Now with the changes, her body transformed it into something extraordinary.

She was now a shape-shifter. Immortal, perfect, and half animal. There was no saying what this would mean for science, but in the first few years of her new state, when she shifted, she was an uncontrollable monster. A tigress that demanded fear to be struck into the soul, to send a heart racing, and to make a brain tilt towards an anxiety attack.
She demanded that the experiment be wiped out, erased from history, and surprisingly, it worked. She was a monster now, and a lie, a secret kept from maybe the most successful attempt at reversing the aging process.

But she didn't live with the guilt forever. She couldn't go home, and the government made up a lie that the day she was taken away, she was kidnapped and killed by a mysterious murder who committed suicide after murdering Tae. So, she left, living alone in different facilities, pretty much a toy for the government to mess with. For a thousand years, her secret was kept under lock and key, but then a scientist named Sarah created a germ that was supposed to boost human ability to fight of illnesses ended up being released, infecting the entire world. Except a few humans who were genetically immune to the germ, repopulating humans to keep up with two new species known as Animex and Furcadians. There were more like her, finally.

After many years, she allowed a "leak" in security, and the story of her experiment was released. At first many were shocked, but then most Animex fell into suit to follow her. She, being the first of them all, decided to separate the Animex into Domestics and Wilds, to keep the peace. She, being a Wild, became the leader of all animals that had never been tamed by humans, believing in being truly free.

So that was how it all started. It was like she was taking a leap off of a cliff. You don't exactly want to, in fear of what happens on the way down and when you hit the bottom, but that's the joy of it. The fall there is the best part. Seeing how far you came, to look back and see that ledge of rock that you stepped off of into the unknown, like a hero.

She took the jump. And now, she's free...

How did you find us?: I'm an admin! o3o

Example Post:
(This is a post from another site I'm on) ((P.S. This is from Faith, a wolf's, point of view.))


It's a funny thing. How it keeps a steady rhythm until you begin a sudden run or when you become frightened or excited. For some reason, today Faith felt giddy with joy, and her heart was racing. Upon waking up, a huge smile was stretched across her face. Her eyelids still drooped, and her mind was a bit fuzzy, which is why she couldn't quite place why she was so ecstatic. But after a minute of careful thinking, she remembered: She had the title of Lead Warrior. She wasn't sure how she managed to grin even bigger.

There was so much to do, so much to see now that she held a higher rank than before. And she couldn't imagine how, being that she was so new, was bestowed with the rank. She knew for a fact that never was a wolf given a name like it at the border instantly.

She could wait to meet some new people today if she so chose. Maybe finding an apprentice who needed training, as Alphess Quinn had suggested. Or maybe find some friends other than Rose. And she wasn't going to just ditch Rose either. They had literally been together since birth, with just a large four year gap between it... Still, she wasn't going to let her sister get away that quick.

Suddenly, it dawned upon her that she was incredibly bored just laying there on the ground in her den. She rolled to her paws and shook out her thick but shedding pelt. With the budding spring, she was half-excited, half-upset about it. One, warm weather was nice. Two, she was an arctic wolf, and most arctic wolves loved winter. She could name a few, but thinking of the few she did know made her sad. Thunder... she thought miserably.

But she shook her head and picked herself up, because she was excited to get out there today. She was going to do something, even if it meant hanging out with Rose, should she not be too busy with her rank of Guardian. Now she was with the same level as the Elites! Faith was indeed proud to have such an amazing sister.

She strode out of the den, happy that she was finally getting out into the sun. But she found herself getting bored as she circled around the pack clearing, waiting for others to wake up so she could find a new friend. It couldn't be much longer, right?

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Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP) Empty Re: Tae - Queen of the Wild Animex (WIP)

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Congrats! You're profile has been....
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