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Post by Belle on Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:32 pm

Species Information

There are five races here on True Desire. Three of them are led by Fucadians and two of them are led by Animex leaders. Each race is different just as each leader is different. Here is where you can tell apart what is what. Should you still not understand please come to an Admin for more information.

What are Furcadians?

A Furcadian is a human that has been infected by a animal germ. Given the characteristics such as fur ears, tail, snouts, and paws as feet. But they still are able to stand up right as a human and have hands instead of paws. Furcadians have full control of their tail and ears, to show what emotion they are in. They can also speak and communicate with others easily. Even with their Animex cousins.

What are Animex?

Animex are the cousins of Furcadians. They are very much different though, having actually been animals at first. Being infected by the same germ Animex reacted different to the infection. Being able to shift from their feral forms to a human form is what makes Animex different from a Furcadian. Animex are made of of two races, Wild and Domestics. Domestics are animals that you can keep as pets. No, a bear is not a pet on this site. And no, a house cat is not a wild animal here, they are considered to be pet worthy.

What Races can I pick from?

The races we have here are Furcadian Feline, Furcadian Wolves and Dogs, Furcadian Fox. All of these races DO NOT shift. These races stay between human and feral form. As described above.

The next two races we have are Animex Wilds and Animex Domestics. These are any animal you want to be. But! The wild animal are to be grouped with the Animex Wilds. Just as are domestic animals are to be grouped with the Animex Domestics. Okay, for example, a panther is not a domestic animal and will not be accepted as one. Just as a Animex house cat will not be accepted as a Wild.

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