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Krysta- Alphess of the Animex Domestics

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Krysta- Alphess of the Animex Domestics Empty Krysta- Alphess of the Animex Domestics

Post by Krysta on Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:07 pm

Name: Krysta Malia Jackson

Nickname: Krys (pronounced like- Chris)

Age: in human age she looks like she is 20, but she has been around 2,500 years

Species: Animex

Desired Rank: Alphess (got Permission from Admin)

Face Claim: Nina Dobrev

Occupation: She is a fashion designer/ Owner of Black Dice Casino

Krysta- Alphess of the Animex Domestics 2zdzync
Krysta- Alphess of the Animex Domestics 5vylo1

Animal: She shifts to a Border Collie

Appearance: Well for starters, she had long brown hair with little bits of black bear the roots that touches to her shoulders. Plus she has dark green eyes which compliments well with her dark hair. Krysta skin a tan, olive color due to her having Latin genes within her. She stands to be 5'1 and weighs around 100 pounds, which is light but she not afraid to pack a punch. Her style is girly girl as in she likes to wear dresses and things that make her stand out and fashionable. When a border collie, her furs is black and white with black on top and white near the bottom with the exception of a white line on her nose. Her eyes are still a dark green but seem to have a little brightness to them.

Personality: Krysta is one of those annoying, bubbly person. The true is not really but one thing is right in how bubbly she is. Krysta likes to think positive when ever things go wrong or not how they plan it rare to even see her said, which is a strength and a weakness. Also she has a hint of hope in her by thinking that everything has a solution and she always like to go out of her way to fix it. Krys is also a big talker, as she is likes to hold a conversation with anyone for longs amount of time. To must it is annoying, and sometimes get her into trouble but that is just her and she is just the type to brush things off. Even though she may seem happy all time, in some moments you may see her seriousness take over if something is not okay, and by time her smart side starts to play more of a role and she may become more deadly.

Joining Keys: living in peace; among others


- 1 year after high school -

At the age of 19 a young Krysta has just graduated Long Beach high, was on her way to college. Pretty much life was based around coming from a large wealthy family, and being popular at her school. She did have a boyfriend for 2 years and a lot of friends. While arriving at home, she had always entered the house to hear her parents arguing which was nothing that phased her and soon began to pack for college. One day while her parents were away on vacation, her friends had decided to come over and take her out for some fun. So at night they took her to a night club where the showed fake IDs and entered. To most was considered a good girl but that night she showed her wild side and one of her new habits was that she started to smoke and after that night, that habit began to grow. One night while Krysta was getting up to go the restroom she had fainted and her parents called the ambulance.

- 2 months later -

After that terrifying night, Krysta was currently in the hospital due to having cancer from smoking. It had been some rough months for her as they been running test to find out if they could located the tumor and by this time her friends and boyfriend had distance themselves from her due to her states. A week later the doctor had found a tumor in her leg that had to be taken out quickly as it was growing larger and larger each day, so they took her to surgery. As the doctor cut into her leg and start to work, the equipment was not in the best condition as it had some unknown substance on it. An hour later her surgery was complete and she stayed in the hospital for a few days before going home. While at home she was looking in the mirror when suddenly a sharp pain had fired in her body as her form started to change and soon became a dog, due to hearing her scream before her shift her mom had ran in to check on her and soon saw her daughter in this form. After a few minutes she change back and explained to her mom, and her mom promised to not speak of it and after that she never told anyone about.

- 3 months later -

Krysta had officially started college and turned over a new leaf. She had stopped her smoking problem and met some new and better friends. She was taking classes on fashion and doing quite well in her classes and even joined a sorority and a few clubs. When by herself or in the woods near the campus she would shift and run for a bit . She had became a little comfortable in shifting even though it still hurt her sometimes. After college she had moved out of her town and gotten a nice mansion that her parents bought her, to show how much they were proud of her and she soon had became a fashion designer and the head of her own company which stills exist today. Though her life her life was still tough as she was adjusting and she also started to feel lonely. Soon she began to wonder if there were more out there like and if so Krys felt that they should stick together. With that idea the rest of the plan began to unfold.

How did you find us?: A friend of mine on here asked to join so a recommendation

Example Post: (this is from a site I am on called The Lost Ones)
Post by Delta Darcy on February 16th 2015, 10:01 pm

Happiness is not always something you can not buy it nor grasp it, you can only find it but for Darcy that part of her life wasn't filled. As of late things was falling down hill, she felt lonely and hardly talked to anyone since joining Venantium. Currently she was laying across her bed staring up at the ceiling in her room, her dark green hues with the loss of their gloss, blinked tiredly. Darcy started to turn bad a few months ago by hanging with the wrong crowd, partying have one night stands almost all of the time which was great but it took its toll sometimes. Sitting up she decided to to take a showers in hopes of clearing her thoughts. Turning on the hot water and stepping in she just stood there, her arms were fold across her chest, as memories flashed across her eyes of her parents and her brother. Those days were when she felt loved and happiness soon a stream full of tears cover her face and cheeks , Darcy's body trembled with each sob before she slowly got herself together. Stepping out of the shower she placed on her robe and sat onto her bed again and stared at the Dress which was on a chair. She had received an invite from the Alphess, right now she felt like crap and didn't even feel like going but she couldn't let her emotions and loneliness get the best of her. So she got up and placed her make up on the areas where she looked tired or restless and kept her curls not in the mood for straightening and placed on her dress placing fish net fingerless gloves and walked out.

Walking down the staircase, the whole castle looked empty. Her eyes flashed back to when members and apprentices like her would hurry off or up th stairs waving to her. Stopping mid-way, Darcy sighed the lonely factor creeping up again, soon she continued walking and turned a corner in a sharp motion. Her wolf had not urged her all day, which was good but also weird but she dismissed it as she got closer to the Bronze Tavern. The girl's heels hardly made a sound as she made it to her destination of the invite.  The place looked nice which was good to Darcy's standards as she walked inside the room. Ahead her eyes caught the sight of her Alphess sitting in a chair. It had been awhile since the last time seen her, which happen to been when she met her at the border she seemed to had been out of whack for most of the time, well to her assumptions but she didn't want to go farther than that. Stopping in front of her Darcy bent down in a curtsy before standing back up,"Hello Alphess Teimhnin. Nice to finally see you again after a long time. "

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Krysta- Alphess of the Animex Domestics Empty Re: Krysta- Alphess of the Animex Domestics

Post by Desires Admin on Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:04 pm

Congrats! You're profile has been....
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Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

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