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Rose the Silent

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Rose the Silent Empty Rose the Silent

Post by Rose on Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:03 pm

Name: Rose Danielle Soner

Nickname: Rosie (only by people she trusts), Dani.

Age: Looks : 18, is actually : 19

Species: Furcadia

Desired Rank: Conscript

Face Claim: N/A

Occupation: Assassin/Looking for a future job on site.

Rose the Silent Pbucket

Animal: White Fox with extra tails.

Appearance: Rose is built strongly for speed. She stands at about 5'7", and weighs around 110 lbs. Her ears are soft and fluffy, white fading into a light shade of black at the tips. She has three tails, all white fading into a deep ebony color. Her eyes are a deep purple-brown. Her hair is short, reaching down to just above her shoulders. Her hair is a light red-brown with some blonde mixed in. Her face is broader then most foxes, having a deep muzzle that appears wider then actually is. She has scars across her back and shoulders from fighting, a deep scar going from the upper right side of her face, across her eye and down her muzzle in the shape of three claws (she sees just fine though!). She's rather petite when fully looking at her, small and sturdy. She has a small ebony nose upon her deep muzzle.

Personality: Rose is very silent when it comes to personality. She keeps to herself and minds her own business. She's strong-willed and plenty sturdy. She can be kind and generous, but she can also be stern and harsh. She's very brave and quick paced when it comes to thinking. She's wise beyond her years and often speaks words of wisdom when she does speak. She is often at peace with others but will act rough or harsh at first meeting. She hides her past and tries hard to let others know that she is safe to be around. She's very thoughtful and often forgets to actually speak, usually trying to use her thoughts to others what she means. She's sweet on younger children because she doesn't want them to have a horrible past.

Joining Keys: User has posted and knows the code- Admin

History: Rose was born to a single mother whom was a hired assassin. Within the first few months of living, her mother was sent on a mission that got her killed. She was taken to another trained assassin and asked to be raised until she turned of proper age to work and set skills. Her new 'mother' was a horse anthro, skilled in the ways of a fighter. She was raised to believe in killing without thinking. As she grew, she learned that no one could be trusted, not even her 'mother' or trainers. She was placed in school at the age of 5 years, training with other students and kids her age. She was taught the usual schooling stuff, how to spell, read and say the alphabet. She was taught that there was no friends, as they could turn easily on you.

When she reached the age of 7 years old, her schooling intensified and she was taught how to handle weapons. She was sent to spar against her classmates, her friends. But the trick to it was, there would only be 5 survivors. They had to fight to kill each others, it was ruthless. Rose came out as the top, due to her martial arts training and her 'mother' actually caring enough to train her deeply in fighting. She was banged up and bleeding, but she had made it. She was covered in the blood of her best friend, and she wished to cry but she held it all in. She walked up slowly to the trainer, her eyes saddened and full of anger. She accepted her new rank of 'trainee' and moved with the others to be healed up and rested up.

Over the years, she trained hard and refused to socialize with others. She fought hard and became known as 'Rose the Silent' by the age of 13 years. Another major training session happened the day she turned 13, their first assassination assignment. Rose was given the assignment of killing a traitor among their ranks. As she lowered herself into the building, passing the security, she soon realized that her target was her assigned 'mother'. She couldn't refuse an assignment as it would mean she'd undergo several layers of torture. She moved into the office room and hugged her mother like she usually did, her tears hidden by a mask of no emotion. The rule within the camp, 'don't get attached for your next assignment could be someone you love'. She had to follow that rule. It was her life, and she couldn't change it. Just as she was about to stab her mother, the trainer raced in and caught her wrist. Telling her that it had been a test and she had passed for making it that far, the others hadn't even come close to where she was.

She was then ranked up as ready to go on missions alone, only needing to finish her high school and continue on with her 'job'. She finally decided to never love, to never be friends and to only do her training. She killed her targets easily, without emotion. She acted to get close, making her targets love her so it'd be easier. She grew a tough skin so when she had to escape, it was easier then growing attached. The other students disliked her, as she was the best in school and training. Her main rival was a male wolf anthro. He was quick on his feet and came close to beating her in a few spars. She still beat him, but she never truly wanted to harm him. She despised her job, her training and her life. She wanted something more and finally, she approached Jamie (the male wolf anthro) and asked him to help her escape.

The night she turned 15, Jamie and her escaped deep into the night. Passing all security, and running away. They were being closely followed and as a result, Jamie led them away from the spot she had been hiding. She continued to run until she was safe enough away and then she alerted the police of the illegal operation. She later found Jamie hiding in an alley, waiting for her to approach her caught her by the wrist and they stole away into the night. She got a job as a waitress and he took a job in a factory. They worked hard together, trying to make it by but soon her friend became ill.

By the age 17, Jamie's sickness had gotten worse. Within 6 months after them both turning 17, Jamie was on his deathbed. Rose quit her job and stayed with him for as long as possible, holding his hand as he passed away, his last words were for her to find a pack, a home that would accept her instead of being alone all her life. She became determined and traveled after that, trying to see all she could before finally landing within these lands at the age of 19.  Now she searches for the place Jamie spoke of, a home that would break her hardened shell.

How did you find us?: I know the Owner/Vanessa invited me :3

Example Post: Rose pressed her hand against the windowsill, pushing it open quietly as she escaped into the night. Her pants clung to her skin and her three tails wavered in the wind. Her ears flicked as she pulled herself upon the roof. Her purple eyes glistened in the moonlight, it was as if she had just stolen something. But she hadn't, she had killed another being. Her weapons were hidden across her body, a knife was hidden under her pant leg and then a gun sat neatly upon her hip in a holster. She wore a black leather jacket and a small black t-shirt. Her shoes were black, almost looking as if they were meant for a business. Her hair curled lightly around her face, and a small smile crossed her muzzle as she moved forward with great speed. She leaped from rooftop to rooftop, escaping from her job and making her way back to the facility. She slid down one rooftop, making her way onto the ground. Her feet hardly touched the pavement when she started running at full speed. She crawled over the fence to her 'home' and started running towards the main office area. She bolted through the doors and dropped a hairpin on the desk of the leader. "My job here is done. I'm going to bed." She turned slowly and moved towards the dorm rooms. Her pace was slowed down and she breathed calmly, closing her eyes as she walked the familiar path. Her hand tasseled her hair and then she walked directly into a figure. Her eyes widened and she peered up at the brute-ish male. It was just Jamie. She sighed and shook her head, glaring at the boy whom stood in front of her room door. "Move outta my way or I'll kick your butt, Jamie!" She teased lightly, but held a serious tone. "Oh dear Rosie! I'm sorry if I'm too fat for you to handle, just wanted to see you before I went on my mission!" He sounded young and childish, leaning down and offering her a cheek to kiss. She sighed, knowing it was the only way to get rid of him, and slowly leaned up, kissing him on the cheek and then catching him in a headlock. She held him carefully and then knocked him away from the door. "Night Jamie." She turned and pushed her door open, closing it behind her and removing her jacket before flopping onto her neatly made bed with a huff. She closed her eyes tightly and breathed until she was asleep.

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Rose the Silent Empty Re: Rose the Silent

Post by Desires Admin on Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:20 pm

Congrats! You're profile has been....
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Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

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