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Site Rules!  Empty Site Rules!

Post by Vanessa on Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:51 am

1. This site is rated and labeled 'Mature'. This means we allow sexual content in our threads as well as 'blood, guts, and gore.' If you cannot be mature about such things please do not join. People who choose not to participate in such threads are welcome to join, but they must be mature about it for the people who do decide to participate.

2. Here, on True Desire, we ask that you respect others. If something between you and other characters is going amiss, please tell the admins or get the conflict resolved yourselves. The admins are willing to help within reason, but please remember that this is a game in the first place. Conflicts between characters is alright, but any offense to your actual self is not. If such bullying is happening, please contact the admins immediately.

3. If the admins ask you to do or remove something, please do it. Being caught deliberately not doing something will get you a temporary suspension from the site altogether. The length varies of the severity of the punishment

4. Label your threads please. It is a common and confusing problem when someone doesn't label their threads. For those who do not know what such things mean, here are some examples:

Hello There [open]: This is telling anyone who wishes to reply to your thread that they are welcome. Threads such as these can have as many characters in them as they wish.

Hello There [closed]: Maybe there are too many in your thread and you wish to let everyone know that they may be participate in this particular thread. Labeling it 'closed' means no more people are allowed to join in. If one is seen doing so when it is clearly labeled, the admins will contact the person and handle it themselves.

Hello There [Sally]: This means that only Sally is allowed to reply to this thread. Everyone else is unwelcome unless there name is also added within the brackets. There can be multiple people that this thread is reserved for.

Hello There [M]: The 'M' symbolizes that this thread contains mature content of any kind. This is solely used to warn others before reading. We ask, as a rule, that people label all mature threads with an 'M' or a 'Mature'. If people are found not doing such, their threads will be labeled by an admin for them.

5. True Desires is a literate site. We do not accept one or two sentences as a reply. All paragraphs must have a minimum of twelve sentences each. If less than what the rule states is given, you will be PM'd your post by the admins and it will be deleted off of the thread for inadequacy. {Living in peace}

6. Any names that are created for your character must be actual names. None of the 'crazygirl876'. It is allowed before joining, we can understand that not everyone is sure at first. After joining, the name must be changed to your character.

7. For the sake of the other members' eyeballs, please keep signature length below '550' and the heigth below '400'. We know that sometimes people are more distracted by large the signatures that are there rather than what they are actually supposed to be reading.

8. Avatars can be any height you please, but make sure they are not over 170 in width, thanks, for anything over will stretch the page!

9. 'Powerplaying' or 'ghosting' is absolutely NOT allowed on this site. These cases are another person's character is being controlled by someone else. We know it can be difficult, so we will allow certain things as long as you have the other person's permission. You only know what your character is going to do, you cannot decide what someone else's will do as well.

10. Please do not demand something be changed by the admins please! Suggestions are welcome, and the admins as a whole will decide if they would better the site or not.

11. Both mating and marriage has to be permitted by the leaders of your race both OOC and IC.

12. Do NOT come to the admins complaining that he/she doesn't want to be your mate, wife/husband. We will not force anyone to do anything just because it inconveniences you. {Among others}

13. Force mating is NOT allowed unless it is part of a plot agreed by both character players. What you decide to do with your character is your business, but let the admins know so they don't take something for what it is not.

14. All writing can be done in either First Person or Third Person, everyone is different on how they write. So we will give you the choice of picking between the first person and third.

(All credits are given to a close friend of mine, Lyra)

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