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Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia

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Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia  Empty Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia

Post by Lakota on Thu Jun 18, 2015 7:19 pm

Name: Lakota Lavinski

Nickname: Kota

Age: Age: 25
Appears: 23
Species: Furcadia
Occupation:  Commissioner/Bartender

Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia  Still_running_by_rickgriffin Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia  Still_running_redux_by_rickgriffin-d4e2i84Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia  Paperdoll___rogue_kitty_by_frisket17

Animal:  Kota resembles a cheetah

Appearance: Kota's fur is a golden color, with black spots all over her body. The spots can vary in size from big to small randomly on her body. She has a tan underbelly that has no spots on it. On her face she has a tear-line which blocks the glare of the sun, making it so that she rarely wears sunglasses. She has brown hair that goes to the middle of her shoulder-blades and has a bit of natural blond highlights that come out more in the sun. She is built for running and can run faster than the normal human for about a minute before becoming very tired. She tends to wear tank-tops and shorts because she doesn't like the hot weather.

Personality: When Lakota was younger she was more happy about things, more cheerful at the prospective of life, or at last that's what she's heard. She always liked to play around and still managed to get A's in most classes. That she was never mad or snappy at anyone. Apparently that changed once the reality of things hit her.

Once she got out of school she turned into a new person. What was once happy and cheerful was now grumpy and negitive. Her personality is never consitantly happy, now it changes depending on what happens. She used to be able to take an insult and turn it into a compliment but now when she gets either she snaps at them. When she is happy it's when she's usually drunk, or had been drinking. But if she's in a good mood when she's not been drinking it's usually because she's been running or serving drink or doing something else stress reliving.

When she's drunk she tends to be happy and careless, never actually caring about what's happening. It can be bad but hopefully her friends will keep her in line. Even when drunk she still has slight control over herself and will stop if someone goes to far, most of the time.

Joining Keys: Removed by yours truly! -Nessa!

History: It was a dark, stormy night in the hospital bed. A female cheetah Furcadia was ready to give birth, her pain increasing and contractions getting shorter. The thunder masked her wails of pain as the nurses and doctors continued to help with her baby. Suddenly, the doctor stopped, seeing as the babies breathing was slowing. "Wheel her off to the operating room!" He ordered the nurses. "Everything's going to be okay, madam, we just need to do a C-section." He told her, running besides the cart. The cheetah couldn't hear him over the pain, so she kept howling with each contraction. Watching all of this unfold was another cheetah Furcadia, a male. He was the father of the unborn child and tried following the birthing mother to the operating room. A nurse stopped him, "I'm sorry sir, but you can't go in there," she said. He looked over her shoulder at the doors closing behind the crew.

The man waiting for what felt like forever until the doctor came back in with a nurse pushing a wheel chair. Covered in blankets and barely able to keep her eyes opens was the female cheetah, with another cheetah in the blankets. "It's your new baby girl, Mark," She said with a weak smile. He walked over to her, taking the baby from her arms and looking inside of it. It had beautiful brown eyes and cute little ears. It opened it's mouth and he could see it's little pink tongue. He gave it back to her, to speechless but proud at the same time. "She'll be staying in the hospital for a bit, we need to make sure that her surgery is clean and won't come undone." The doctor told Mark. He nodded, walking over to his wife and grabbing her hand. "I'll be here the moment they tell me you can come home, okay." He promised her. She nodded slightly and he smiled and left.

~16 Years Later~

"AHH, no! slow down!" said the cheetah, bracing himself for impact. "Dad, I'm only going five Miles per hour, chill okay?" The female said with a playful roll of her eyes. "But there's a speed bump!" he replied, covering his eyes like we were in an out of control plane. "Dad, I know how to drive, I'm not one of those crazy teens who drag races or anything. And, I've been watching you and mom drive from when I was little." She said, gently going over the bump and not killing anyone in the process. "See, nothing to worry about. Now lets get your scared butt home." She joked, getting onto the main street and driving back to the house. She had just gotten her learners permit not to long ago and her mom wouldn't let Lakota drive her, which means her dad had to go with her when she went for a drive. Apparently both of Lakota's parents are scaredy-cats when it comes to being driven by a teen. "Okay dad, we're home. You can uncover your eyes now." She said, almost bursting out laughing when she saw him. His fur was all ruffled up and he had both of his arms over his eyes. He practically jumped out of the car and ran into the house. Lakota rolled her eyes and took the key out of the car, walking back into the house where her mom was making dinner. Lakota grabbed the remote and sat down on the couch, listening to her parents bicker about who should go with Kota when she drives. She let out a quiet laugh and turned on the tv, half listening to the news about the finding of someone's lost son. He was like, 18, so he didn't seem that lost. "Dinners ready!" Her mom said as Kota turned off the tv and walked over to the dinner table. Her dad was on the phone, probably talking to his manager. "Uh hun. Okay. Yes, I understand sir." He said, taking out a pen and a piece of paper. It was spaghetti night tonight and this night we had bread to go with it. Mom always made the best spaghetti, perfect noddles with the right amount of sauce, it should be in a restaurant. Lakota stuck some noddles in her mouth, slerping them up while watching her dad come for a seat. "I'm going to have to stay another late night." He sighed, rubbing his head with his elbow that propped him up on the table. "Honey, I have to work 12 hour shifts for the next week, from 7pm to 7am." Kayla said, her voice smooth with a hint of worry and sadness. She always spoke low, her voice carrying at least on emotion. She was a nurse for the hospital the Lakota was born from, her father a secretary for a concrete company. "Should we get a babysitter?"
But what if they can't cover the late hours!"
Lakota rolled her eyes, she was 16 and didn't need a babysitter. "Mom, dad, I'm 16, old enough to be alone for a couple nights. I'll be fine." She said, her brown eyes shining. They always worried about her, and she knew why but was old enough to take care of any of it. Her mother sighed, We'll discus it in the morning."

~2 Years Later~

'The last day of school, finally.' The cheetah thought happily, leaning back in her chair. It was the last day of school, we already had our graduating ceremony with crying parents everywhere, the last few days didn't even make any sense to her. Either way, she drove there like her parents instructed. Well, parent. Her mom was off in some part of the state at a top-notch hospital healing someone famous or something. A lot of the kids had ditched the last week of school, claiming to have gone of vacation. Lakota already knew that Klavuk wasn't on vacation, he was already a goof-ball and hardly did any work. He would always come over and call her a book-worm while she'd go right back at him with couch potato. It made everyone wonder how they were friends, but as said opposites attract. Lakota wasn't paying any attention to the lecture their math teacher was giving, she was replying a memory of Klavuk with his feet on the table, his chair on their back legs. He wasn't even trying to pay attention, it almost looked like he was going to go to sleep. The teacher called on him and he shot his eyes open, to much of a fast motion for the leaning chair. The chair started to fall backwards and he was flailing his arms like crazy, luckily the teacher had each of us a mile apart so he didn't bang his head on a desk but he did bang his head on the floor. Everyone was trying to hide there laughter through muffled grins and covered mouths, but being his friends Lakota shot up "I'll take him to the nurse!" She said with her arm raised it looked like was just going to come off. "Lakota." said a voice, this didn't seem like part of th- "Lakota!" She shot right back, placing both of her hands folded together on the desk. "Yes sir?" She asked with a toothy grin. "Can you answer the question?" he asked, pointing his stick at the board. It read 'What was 68/3*0.5+56.' "Oh that's 67.33." She said again with a smile. "At least you might make it past collage." He grumbled, erasing the question to put up a new one. He was Mr. Chirsack, retiring this year at age 67. It was almost sad to see him go, but Lakota wouldn't even have him next year so she was glad at the same time. He needed to get away from here, he hated most of the kids here, Lakota was an exception. She listened as people started to pack up, some almost jumping out of their seat. It was still at least 30 minutes until the next class and another period until summer started, so she watched as the teacher continued to write down another math problem.

How did you find us?: Nessa told me

Example Post: Laying in bed the Cheetah didn’t want to get up, but the sounds of her obnoxious alarm clock made her. She had to go to work, making sure the bar was clean before anyone started to gather in. The cheetah yawned, stretching her limbs, her tail tip twitching as her muscles extended.  She gathered her clothes, going into the bathroom. When she arrived at the bathroom she turned on the sink, pulling her hand up over her mouth, almost looking like she was fanning at the yawn that came with it. She cupped her hands under the running water, hoping to wake herself up with it splashing on her face. She leaned back on the wall, after turning off the water, finally getting to put her clothes on. After that she went to do all of her other 'Before work' routines, brushing her wavy brown hair, making herself something to eat, and putting on the news to check on what's been happening lately, and decide on if going to work was a good thing. Of course, nothing new other than new weather reports. Cooking up some ham and an egg was usual breakfast for her, as she liked to eat a little healthy in the morning. After finishing that with a cup of water, she got up, finally ready to head out. She went outside, ready to go to work.

Instead of driving a lousy car that cost a big amount of money the cheetah liked to jog to work, mostly because she wanted to build up stamina. Cheetahs can only sprint full blast for a few minutes, tops. Lakota wanted to be able to sprint for longer than that, making a good escape better. And also, maybe not being so tired she can't walk afterwards. The club was a few blocks away from her home, making it a good exercise every day. Sometimes, if offered, she will take a car there, but not often. Today as she ran, the pavement hot on her feet, she noticed there wasn't a lot of people out today. She slowed to an 'in place jog' and looked around, only seeing two other people and a few lazy cars putting by. Usually the street had a lot more cars, and the sidewalks always had five or more people on them. 'It must just be early.' She thought, continuing her jog to the place. She took out her set of keys, opening the door and closing it behind herself. Lakota took a good look at the place before deciding what to do.

As the cheetah grabbed a feather duster she looked at the counter, seeing the fine layer of dust that has settled over the course of her sleep. Knowing this place had to be in tip-top shape before even Vanessa could walk in, she just hoped she wouldn't be early. Dusting everything off, and then wiping the counters, cleaning the glasses and making sure the bottles of liquor looked pleasing to the eye, so that anyone who came in was sure to buy at least one drink. Finally done cleaning and putting finishing touches on everything she walked behind the counter, deciding on if she should get a drink of water or some of the alcohol they had in store. Deciding between the water and some Cazul the cheetah decided she would get drunk with her friends later, and that it would be bad to already be tipsy when the first person came in the door. And now with time to spare before they were actually open she decided to make herself a little snack after all of that work. Going into the back she grabbed herself some nachos, poured on the cheese and put them in the microwave. While she waited for them to cook she noticed a small squeaking noise, so the cheetah got to the floor and looked around like a cat looking for prey. Finally, she looked eyes with the creature, a small mouse nibbling on a piece of bread. Growling she leaped forward, grabbing the mouse with her hands. She brought the mouse to eye level, hearing the microwave go off letting her know her chips would be done. 'What am I going to do with this mouse?' She thought, watching as it tried to pull itself from her grip. The woman looked around, seeing a small box she put the mouse in it and thought for a second before putting a small cup of water in there also. She put the box on the counter and sighed, grabbing the nachos from the microwave and eating them, listening to the mouse run around the box. The cheetah did feel bad for it but maybe she could give it to the pet store later. In the mean time, a customer came though and so the woman went out to greet him, forgetting about the mouse and working on her job.

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Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia  Empty Re: Lakota Lavinski, the Cheetah Furcadia

Post by Vanessa on Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:33 pm

Congrats! You're profile has been....
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Head on over to the borders and make you're border post! Feel free to post in the Neutral Territories and PM any of our admins if you have any questions!

Iz sooo excited!

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