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Nightshade, the Flying Fox ((WIP))

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Nightshade, the Flying Fox ((WIP)) Empty Nightshade, the Flying Fox ((WIP))

Post by Nightshade on Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:56 am

Name: Nightshade Shadowfury

Nickname: Night, Shade, Shadow...

Age: 25(?)/17
Species: Animex

Desired Rank: Do NOT ask for high ranks unless approved by Admin.

Face Claim: This can be actors, actresses, models, or anyone famous. This only goes for Animex. Delete if you are a Furcadia

Occupation: What job does your character hold? If none, please say the job you wish to have in the future.

Image: Please provide both human and animal if you are an Animex, otherwise, just add the picture of your Furcadia here.

Animal: If you are an Animex, what does your character shift into? If Furcadian, what does your character resemble?

Appearance: This needs to be at least seven sentences or one paragraph.

Personality: This needs to be at least seven sentences or one paragraph.

Joining Keys: Find these hidden within the rules as proof that you have read them.

History: This must be DETAILED! The better you write here, the higher ranking you MAY receive. Besides, nobody likes a boring history anyway, right? Show us what you can do!

How did you find us?: Did you receive a recommendation from one of our members? Maybe found us on another site? Other?

Example Post: Here at True Desires, we have a literate standard. Twelve sentences is the minimum, and if you cannot do this, we cannot accept you here. Please, write more for the extra spin of the wheel for a high rank! (Again, this is a big maybe overall)


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