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Animex Ranks

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Animex Ranks Empty Animex Ranks

Post by Tae on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:08 pm

The ranks of the Animex are shown below. Both Wilds and Domestics share the same system, despite being completely different with ruling habits. They are shown as below.

High Ranks

These are the leaders of the Wilds. Unless the Alphess or Alpha gains a mate, they will remain the only leader. Becoming the Alpha/Alphess' mate is the only way to gain this rank.

This is the second in command. When the Alpha/Alphess are missing, the Beta will run the pack until they return. If the leader(s) retire, the Beta will take over unless the original leader(s) have chosen a better candidate.

These are third in command. They take over all duties for the Beta should they be harmed or absent. They are allowed to accept new members at the borders, as well as train the lower ranks if they wish. They set an example for the lower ranks.

Unlike the Furcadians, the Animex have a fourth rank. These will work alongside the Elites until they are given a higher rank. They have the same duties as the Elites, however they are considered a rank lower.

Low Ranks

These are the warriors, soldiers, and protectors of the pack. They are there to guard the pack with their lives, and should a fight or war come, they will be the front line.

These are the hunters. They kill and bring back prey for the pack to eat. Without them, the pack could very well starve and die.

These are the healers. If a sickness comes over someone, or one is harmed in any way, the Healers shall heal them as best as they can. Of course, there isn't a cure for everything, but with lives at stake, this is a very important rank to have.

This isn't really a rank, but it is a title. These are the young and/or newborns of the pack. After they turn the age of 7, they will begin training to whichever rank they wish to have.

These are the omegas. They are the lowest rank of all, and they are supposed to submit to every rank above them, especially the high ranks. Usually, they have little experience in pack life, or they have done something stupid to make the higher ranks angered.


These have no place in the Wilds. They live on their own, not under any ruler, free without rules. Although it seems like the life to live, beware. Most rogues and exiles are not right in the head and would have no problem killing those who are new to their way of life. The places they live are dangerous and fearsome. (This rank must be granted through IC threads.)

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